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Curious to know which headsets are hot selling these days? Check out now to find out which products are worth adding to the cart and making your work from home fun yet productive. Join the club of innovators by grabbing these amazing bestsellers and gear up your productivity with their outstanding features.

Biz Series

Starting from ₹ 4,699

Biz Series headsets take noise out of the equation, helping you focus on the conversation. HD Voice technology and noise-canceling microphones ensure crystal clear sound quality at both ends of the call for a more professional customer experience.

Evolve2 Series

Starting from ₹ 12,150

Experience the noise instantly fading away right after you put on Evolve2. Feel extreme comfort by the soft memory foam cushions that mold to your ear’s natural contours and great Luxury by the premium materials used. Also don’t hide when you’re in your stride with the busylight.

Elite Series

Starting from ₹ 9,299

Jabra Elite wireless earbuds feature superior sound quality for music and calls, with two microphones in each bud that work together to filter out background noise. Strives to deliver the best call quality of any true wireless product using four-microphone call technology.


Discover our wide array of wireless and wired headsets at amazing prices with great features. Be it work from home or hybrid work culture, these headsets work with great efficiency and cancel noise to deliver a loud and clear voice.


These high-quality speakerphones let you experience remarkable sound, be it for recreational purposes or while attending work meetings. Speakerphones pave way for transparent communication and are compatible for all types of usage; whether personal or professional. They are extensively designed to produce crystal clear voices.

Video Conferencing

The video conferencing tools are perfect for conducting audio-video meetings on the virtual platform and can be used in both offices and homes. These tools deliver optimized video quality and help individuals to see their counterparts clearly on the screen without any barriers. Here’s your go-to partner for all those sudden work calls!


Browse through the versatile range of audio accessories to improve the sound productivity of your headsets and speakerphones. These different accessories upgrade the audio quality so much better with their premium features. You get the exact accessories that are trending in the market places which deliver high-resolution audio.

Welcome to HeadsetsIndia

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We specialize in equipments like headsets, speakerphones, video conferencing, and other additional accessories. Driven by the ideology of providing diverse and versatile range of audio and video tools, HeadsetsIndia intends to offer premium quality gadgets to its community.

We provide different assortments of audio and video solutions for both official and personal use mainly like- headsets, speakerphones, webcams, computer accessories etc. Our products are extensively designed with upgraded features, user friendly and quite reliable with modest pricing. With clear sound output, high quality and comfortable headphones and minimalist design accessories, HeadsetsIndia’s brand positioning is working relentlessly to improve sound, accuracy, and video quality.

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