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Elevate your audio experience with Jabra accessories. Designed to complement your Jabra headset, our range of accessories ensures you get the best sound quality in every call and music session.

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Jabra Speak2 75 Link 380c MS, USB C

53,698 Incl. GST

Jabra Speak2 75 MS, USB C

Jabra Speak2 75 is the next generation professional speakerphone, with premium sound quality and packed with advanced features, perfect for hybrid working.

Speak2 40 UC

23,328 Incl. GST

Speak2 40 UC

23,328 Incl. GST

Speak2 40 UC 

It’s time to Speak UP. 
Next-generation professional audio in a portable speakerphone

The new standard for hybrid working

Elevate Your Jabra Experience

Browse through the versatile range of audio and video accessories to improve the sound productivity of your headsets, speakerphones and video conferencing tool.

Current State of Audio Enthusiasts

82% Improved call clarity


95% Enhanced comfort


76% Elevated music experience


Explore a Range of Premium Accessories

Enhance your Jabra devices with our carefully curated selection of accessories. Elevate your audio experience with high-quality add-ons designed to complement your Jabra headset.

These different accessories upgrade the audio quality so much better with their premium features. You get the exact accessories that are trending in the marketplaces which deliver high-resolution audio.

Take your pick.

Remote Control

Elevate your control over meetings with the Jabra Panacast Remote Control. Effortlessly navigate and manage your Panacast camera for seamless video conferencing.

Jabra Ear Cushions

Experience ultimate comfort with our premium ear cushions. Designed to fit perfectly with your Jabra headset, they ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Jabra Link 370 USB Adapter

Unlock seamless connectivity with the Jabra Link 370 USB Adapter. Connect your Jabra headset to multiple devices effortlessly.

See the whole headset series.

Leatherette Cushions

  • Known for their agility.
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Simple to wipe clean
  • Soft and comfortable surface against the skin
  • Available for Jabra Biz 2300

Foam Cushions

  • Designed to mold to the shape of the user’s ear
  • Dense foam material block out noise
  • Allow air circulation
  • Reduce strain on the ears
  • Available For Evolve 20-65 headset

Jabra Move Wireless Ear Cushions

  • Designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit
  • Feels gentle against the skin
  • Withstand regular wear and tear
  • Allow focused listening experience
  • Available for Jabra Move Wireless headphones

Enhanced Performance

Elevate your audio experience with accessories designed to complement your Jabra headset.

Premium Quality

Our accessories are crafted with the highest quality materials for long-lasting durability.

Seamless Connectivity

Connect your Jabra devices effortlessly with our range of adapters and accessories.

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